KIK is an incredible messenger software application designed for IOS,  Android, and Windows operating systems. It is a free messaging app which helps us to interact with our family, friends, relatives and even bots. It is very distinct from other messaging applications because of its unique features and excellent customization options. It released in 2010, and in a very short span of time KIK has become one of the most popular and favorite messaging platform for teens. In KIK you do not need to share your phone number with someone you just met. It allows you to use a username, unlike other messaging apps. Its uniqueness doesn’t end here, and it allows much more impressive and innovative features for a better experience for their users. KIK also has very helpful bots that will make your life simpler, and for girls, it can even become your best beauty advisor.

So, Kiksters are you wondering how to use your KIK app in the most appropriate way and enjoy all of the uniqueness of this wonderful app? Well, worry not, here is a list of all the KIK hack tricks of 2017 that you should know.

1. Double Check a person’s Identity with Tin Eye tool


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Just like on other messenger apps KIK also have a few strange people who are trying to fool others by using a false identity. There are times when you receive inappropriate messages, and photos you do not enjoy viewing. As the KIK application uses usernames instead of phone numbers, it can be hard to identify fake profiles. This means you cannot call them, and determine who they are. There are so many people who are using images of other people and trying to fool others. Now, to make life simpler, you can use the Tin eye tool, which can run billions of photos against a database of images. And if any copies are found it will let you know.

2. Read a message discreetly without sending Read Receipt to the Sender


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Similarly, like other messaging applications when your message has been sent, and read. You will be able to see a small R on the side of the message. This is not ideal, as there are times when you accidentally open the message but are unable to reply at that point. Or there are times when you need a minute to think of a proper answer. So if you are dealing with such a situation, we can teach you a way to quickly read a message without sending a Read receipt to the sender. Put your phone on airplane mode and give it a second to turn off the mobile signals. Then open KIK and read the message, then you can simply close the application and put your phone in airplane mode.

3. Download and Access KIK from the comfort of your computer or Mac

There are times when you get sick of using your phone, or when you are working and feel annoyed that you have to switch back and forth between your phone and computer. Which is exactly why we are giving users the opportunity to use their messaging application from their computer or Mac. Kik does not offer a dedicated application, but you can download the Android emulator software on your computer, and then you can install and download the kik app using it. Now, you can log on to your profile and start sending messages in your existing conversations.

4. Make group chat conversations


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Now, you do not have to bother yourself by typing the same message over and over again. You can just click on start a group and add all the people who you wish to talk to, and you will be all set to send one message to all your friends.

5. Keep your Kik extra safe and secure in an emergency


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If you have lost your phone, it is not just the hardware that has gone missing. It is all the data that was on your phone, along with all your sensitive information. If you have lost your phone, and do not want to let the person access your conversations; all you have to do is use the kik app on another phone and log in to your account. As kik only allows for you to be logged in to one phone at a time, it will automatically log you off from the other phone.

6. FUN TRICK: Pretend that you are “typing” to somebody


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If you are in the mood to mess with your friends, and want them to think you are typing a message. Then simply go to your account and change your surname to “is typing…” as when you are in a conversation with someone on Kik, and they are typing a message it uses your first name and adds typing with it. This is an excellent way to mess with friends, and you can only change it back to your surname once you are done fooling people.

7. Communicate with some biggest Celebrities and Brands


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One of the main reasons Kik became so popular so soon, because it allows you to interact with you celebrities and brands easily. You can get in touch with some big names in the industry, and ask them questions. Choose your favorite celebrities and brands better.

8. Use the KIK logo in your conversation


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If you have been wondering how some people can send the Kik logo during chats, it is simple just type (KIK) in a chat, and it will appear as the KIK logo. This is a great trick to amaze your friends and keep them wondering how you did it.

9. Customize your personal KIK and Chat bubble colors


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Now you can customize your personal Kik and chat bubble color. There is a range of customizations option that kik offers you, and you can use them to customize your kik experience. Simply go to chat settings, and you will be able to view all the customizations that are available to you.

10 Create your very own Smiley


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Kik now allows users to create their very own emoji they can use to send and receive. Keep in mind once you have created a smiley, it will be available for everyone using the application. With the kik emoji for everyone, you can easily create an emoji and share it with everyone.

11.Earn most of the KIK points

Kik gives users kik points, which can be achieved by taking part in chats and other activities that are sponsored by kik. You will get a notification informing you of these promotions. Once you have accumulated enough points, you will be able to shop for some cool features and customize your smileys.


12.Share your KIK profile to get connected


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You can share your Kik profile on all your favorite social media accounts now, and let your friends know you are on kik. This is an excellent way to share your profile on kik if you have recently joined kik, or have not shared your number on kik. By sharing your profile on other social media networks, you can use kik to connect to all your friends.

13.Push Notifications


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Kik sends you a push notification everything you receive a new message or every time they wish to inform you about anything. This push notification can be turned on and off whenever you want. It can be done for the applications setting or your phone settings; depending on the kind of phone you are using.

14.Protect your Identity in KIK


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Kik is not like other messenger applications that use your cell phone number to recognize you, on kik, your identity is your unique user name. If you wish to protect your identity, start by creating a username that will not be easy to guess. Kik offers you the chance to skip entering your mobile number, so you can keep your identity private.

15.Access any website through KIK built in browser


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Kik is offering uses an in-app browser they can use to search and surf any website they would like to use. This feature allows you to simply use the kik applications built in browser to do your work online. This way you can use kik, and browse the internet at the same time.

16.Change your Display name


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With kik you can easily change your display name at any time, simply open Settings and click on your account, then click on the name and choose any name you wish to display. You can change your display name as much as you like, and kik does not have any issues with it.

17.Send previously recorded video in your KIK app


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Kik allows you to send out videos you have previously recorded on your phone. It works exactly how you send an image on kik. Simply, access your gallery using kik and click on the video and click send.

18.Share videos taken right from your KIK messenger app


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The same way you can take pictures and send them right from your kik Messenger, the application is now allowing users to make videos from the application and send them to their friends. This can be done the same way you take a picture and send it.

19.Check Facebook, Twitter, and other apps while you are in KIK app

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Using the built-in browser in kik, you can easily check your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms right from kik. This is an eases that kik is offering to ensure that you do not have to close and open various applications.

20. KIK GIF keyboard


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Kik now comes with a quirky GIF keyboard that was launched recently; it allows users to combine emojis and GIF technology. It is an innovative idea, the lets users use their imagination and creativity.

21. KIK Smiley locker


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The kik smiley locker can be used to store and share your smileys on kik. Not only can you easily store smileys, but the updates on the smiley shops also let you download booster packs. So you can check how rare your smiley is, and you can send and receive them as gifts too.

22. KIK BOT shop


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A few months ago Kik launched their kik bot shop, where you can find bots to chat with. These bots can provide you with useful services, fun, and engaging content, etc. there are so many sections you can choose and bot from there are fun bots and shopping bots, and so much more that will be coming out soon.