Debt restructuring advantages and disadvantages

A debt rescheduling can save a few thousand dollars – but you have to be careful that you have the right strategy, otherwise you end up paying.

It has probably already happened to many that when you look at the terms of your financing that you signed some time ago, you are no longer too happy with it. The first thing you will see is that you are paying too high interest. The thought of a new loan with better terms to pay the old financing comes quickly. However, debt restructuring is not always the best option, and it is often not even advisable to look at the contract of the existing financing. Debt is not always worthwhile.


Fixed interest period and early repayment penalty

Fixed interest period and early repayment penalty

It may be that if you look at your contract of existing financing, it will not be possible to reschedule. In order to be able to terminate the loan, there must be no fixed interest period in your financing contract. A fixed interest period is a certain period in which you have to pay the agreed interest rate in any case. Actually, a fixed interest period is not a bad thing because it gives borrowers a basis for calculating the financing – nor is this fixed interest periods ubject to market fluctuations in interest rates. But with such a clause in the loan agreement, the termination and thus the rescheduling of the financing is not possible (without any problems). Of course, you can also cancel your existing financing, because if you really want it, a bank will rarely oppose it. However, this becomes expensive: By canceling the loan, the bank has the right to a prepayment penalty.

The amount of the prepayment penalty depends roughly on the period of the fixed interest period. That means, the longer this would have taken, the higher the compensation amount to be able to replace your existing financing. If you decide to pay the compensation amount, it makes sense to repay it with the new loan for debt rescheduling.

By canceling the financing, the bank incurs a loss on the interest you pay. The bank compensates for this loss with the prepayment penalty. The bank also has another disadvantage when it comes to its investment strategies. Since the loan was now repaid earlier than was actually agreed – one should think that the bank should be happy – the bank can only invest the capital on the market at a lower interest rate. This means a loss for the bank, because continuing your loan would have made it more profitable.

If you terminate your loan in this way, your lender will usually also require you to complete the new debt rescheduling. As a result, you remain the bank’s customer.


Debt rescheduling – calculate well and identify alternatives

Debt rescheduling - calculate well and identify alternatives

Debt restructuring also needs to be calculated very precisely. The alternative to a debt rescheduling loan is usually forward loans, which are somewhat more flexible and are also easier for the borrower to calculate whether they are worthwhile.

Making the debt rescheduling at the house bank has advantages and disadvantages. Then of course the prepayment penalty would be – in which case you can also negotiate with the bank. Then it is even an advantage if you already know your client advisor and can talk to them. In addition, you must not forget who is doing whom a favor with the loan. Not only do you benefit from a loan, the banks do too. In this respect you have the leverage of the competition on your side, to which you can also switch in the event.

How much do bank executives earn?

How much do bank executives earn?

money cash

Almost 190 million zlotys – this is the number of nine largest banks in Poland spent on the remuneration of their management boards. The record holder turned out to be the president of Pekao SA, which in half a year earned almost PLN 10 million.

Almost 52 million in 6 years

money cash

The bank’s best paid manager in 2017 was the steersman of Pekao SA Luigi Lovaglio. Italy earned as much as PLN 9.8 million for six months. It is only PLN 2.2 million less than in the whole of 2016. It would seem that the said amount, almost 10 million, was greatly influenced by severance pay. Nothing could be more wrong. It amounted to only 30,000 zł. Bonuses for the years 2012 – 2016 constituted over PLN 7 million.

Pekao, which until recently belonged to the UniCredit Group, did not spare money for the salary of the bank’s president. Lovaglio, for six years of his rule, has collected up to 51.7 million zlotys! 2015 was the most abundant year for the Italian, when he earned PLN 13.2 million. Averaging, he received 23.6 thousand for each day of his presidency. zł! The lion’s share of his emolument was various supplements, e.g. for work outside the country of residence. In this respect, it is interesting to compare the earnings of the former head of Pekao with the current one.

In the second half of 2017, the Italian successor – Michał Krupiński – received PLN 1 million. The difference is therefore colossal. The new president was no worse. Under Krupiński’s earnings, the bank’s earnings increased to PLN 2.5 billion from 2.3 billion. On the other hand, the return on equity increased to 10.6 percent. (9.9% a year earlier).

“Transaction Bonus” worth millions

money cash

Wojciech Sobieraj was the second highest paid president in 2017. Like Lovaglio, he also ended his reign in June. During this time, his portfolio increased by PLN 6.2 million. This amount is PLN 3.6 million higher than the one he earned in the entire 2016

. So if we compare the amount of earnings in percentage terms, it turns out that the salary of the founder and former helmsman of Alior Bank increased the most – by almost 140%. The institution’s annual report does not find information that the amount of this amount was affected by severance pay. The bank’s management board received a “transaction bonus” of PLN 12.7 million. This was the result of Alior taking over a separate part of BPH. Michał Chyczewski became the successor of Sobieraj, who earned 809,000 from July to the end of the year.

PLN, being one of the three CEOs whose remuneration did not exceed PLN 1 million in 2017. The other two are: Tomasz Bury (PLN 969 thousand, Idea Bank) and Przemysław Gdański (BGŻ BNP Paribas, PLN 321 thousand). However, they both began to hold their office only in November.

Economical PKO and BZ WBK

money cash

Joao Nuno Lima Bras Jorge, president of Bank Millenium, took the lowest place on the podium. In the whole of 2017, he earned PLN 5 million. That’s 300,000 PLN more than a year ago

. The Portuguese’s salary is also the largest among all managers who are still in their positions. As you can see, we won’t find the head of the largest bank in Poland, PKO BP, among the three most generously paid CEOs of financial institutions. Zbigniew Jagiełło – as we are talking about – earned PLN 3.3 million in 2017, i.e. by 400,000 more than a year ago. Exactly the same amount increased the bank account of Bruno Bartkiewicz from ING Bank Śląski. It is Jagiełło, together with Michał Gajewski (BZ WBK, PLN 2 million) who are the “cheapest” bank governors.

All because their last year’s pay absorbed the smallest percentage of profits generated by managed institutions, 0.11%, respectively. and 0.09 percent

And how much do regular employees earn?

money cash

The nine largest banks in Poland paid out to their CEOs a total of almost PLN 42 million in the previous year. On the other hand, as informs, the remuneration of entire management boards consumed PLN 189 million, i.e. by 28%. more than a year ago.

The largest increase on an annual basis was in Alior (120 percent), Pekao (60 percent) and Idea Bank (42 percent). What are the salaries of other bank employees against this background? An example is the annual PKO BP report. According to it, the average monthly salary of the director oscillates around 19 thousand. PLN gross. Unfortunately, women in this position receive an amount of about 5 thousand. PLN smaller. Managers can count on 11,000 PLN, and a regular employee at 6-7 thous. zł. Of course, these are average rates for the whole bank. You earn much better at the institution’s headquarters.

Tips on saving money by washing laundry – Repay your Loan

Money saving is important for almost everyone. Household costs for linen washing once in America are on average between $ 1.00 and $ 1.50 (€ 0.85 to € 1.28), depending on the utility price. To save a couple of cents for each wash is added up if there are heaps of laundry each time that have to be washed.

In turn, the best and most profitable credits can help you achieve your specific goal, why you want to save much more quickly and efficiently. So you can also make it easier for you to repay your loan by choosing the best lender.

However, starting to save on laundry costs or at least not being aware of it is so difficult.


Use Cold Water

Use Cold Water

Almost all liquid laundry detergents today are designed to clean laundry in cold water. Powder detergents, on the other hand, may be insoluble in cold water. Unless you have extremely dirty or greasy clothes, you may be surprised at how well you can wash your clothes in clean cold water. Changing from hot water to cold water saves about 30 cents per washing machine once. Leading manufacturers also produce many store brand detergents, fabric softeners and bleaches. Try them out and see if you’re happy with the results.

The detergent cleaning power can be improved by adding 1/2 cup of baking soda per wash, and you will still save money for every wash using brand names rather than the store’s brands. Baking soda will help control the unpleasant smell of sweat and will regulate the acidity of the water to make the detergent and bleach more effective.


Prepare Your Laundry Product

If you are concerned about what chemicals are in commercial laundry detergents, you can create home-based detergents, fabric softeners, starch and perfume enhancers. You don’t have to be crazy scientists to create your own products. The four simple ingredients are everything you need to get a detergent in powder, liquid or single dose units. And depending on your previous detergent you can save at least 15 cents for each laundry.


Use vinegar as a fabric softener

Use vinegar as a fabric softener

Do not worry that linen could get an unwanted smell like marinated. Add half a glass of white distilled vinegar to the last rinse water. Light vinegar acid will help to get rid of all the residual detergent residues that make your clothes hard. The main cause of mold and fragrance residues are fabric softening residues. Instead of choosing distilled white vinegar, you will save money, get fresh fragrant linen, and you will still have soft clothes. If you can’t give up your favorite brand detergent, use it less. Try using the 1/2 recommended amount. You may not notice the difference in the cleanliness of your laundry, and your clothes will look better and will last longer. If you have a high-performance detergent, you only need two teaspoons of laundry detergent. If you use more, this could be the reason why your lingerie smells so bad.


Reduce Drying Costs

Reduce Drying Costs

Just like detergents, you won’t ignore the difference with just half the drying power. Your clothes will still be soft and nice in smells. You will get twice as much drying time for the same money. Or you can make wool dryer balls from the remaining yarn to help reduce the drying time.


Use fresh air

Use fresh air

Outdoor air is free. Take the opportunity to wear outfits and fresh air to dry your laundry. If you properly hang the laundry, you’ll even be able to follow less wrinkles and eliminate the need for ironing. Fresh air can also refresh those clothes that do not need to be washed. Put clean clothes in direct sunlight to use fresh breezes that remove odors.


Create More Heat

Create More Heat

To make ironing easier and more energy efficient, attach a piece of aluminum foil under the surface of the iron surface. Foil will help maintain heat and allow you to iron faster or at lower temperatures.


Do not iron

Do not iron

This solution can be personally pleasing to many. Plan ahead what you are going to carry. Hang it on the back of the bathroom door when you shower or use the bathtub. The steam that emanates from the wrinkles. Of course, you can find many more tips that will help you fight wrinkles and thus reduce the frequency of ironing.


Control how much electricity is consumed

Control how much electricity is consumed

Electricity is usually the most expensive utility payment, so it’s important to calculate how much and what electrical appliances you consume. It is easy to understand that older technology consumes more electricity. This means that if you have an older washing machine, such as at least a year, then it will certainly consume more than a new classroom. Also, each of them has both washing quality and energy class. Therefore, the best option is to choose a device that has class A. While this may be an extra edition, you need to look more at it as an investment in the future. As the washing machine can work peacefully for several years, you will be able to save money on electricity that can reach large amounts. An excellent example of this is the old computers, which consumed a considerable amount of electricity, so people always turned them off or spent only a certain amount of time. Modern computers, especially laptops, consume many times less electricity, so the electricity bill doesn’t change much depending on how much you use your computer and leave it on.

There are many options for saving your financial resources for laundry. In this way, this process will not only be more economical, but even simpler, as there will be no need to worry about powder residue on clothing and other problems. It is also possible to reduce the need for ironing if a creative approach is used. It is not that difficult to use, especially if there are different tips available to each of you to try out with already wrinkled clothing. In order to better understand how much you save, it is worth writing down the cost of laundry, albeit only for powder and electricity. It definitely takes a noticeable share of all monthly spending. In addition, of course, other expenses have to be followed. You can then start thinking about exactly what you want to save if the pair stays with a monthly number of at least three digits. There are several ways to invest wisely. You can also choose other financial assistance or tips to avoid the chances of having the right budget. Perhaps it would also be advisable to reflect on how much clothes are washed each time, as larger washing machines can accommodate quite a large amount, thus reducing the frequency of washing. Changing habits is not easy, but at times it is worth at least to think about them.

Is the wife responsible for the husband’s debt after his death?

Property community is an extremely popular solution in our country. Moreover, it is set automatically if future spouses do not enter an intercourse. In this way, to put it simply, we share our income, profits, but also debts and financial obligations. So if a wife loses her husband, in theory, she also inherits her husband’s obligations that he left behind. Is this element unchanging and always obligatory?


Long after her husband’s death

death loan

Polish banking law does not clearly specify obligations and obligations arising from payment of the borrower’s liability after death. The situation only responds to the Civil Code, which is regulated by e.g. a will. If the husband left no will we deal with the so-called statutory inheritance.

If there is a will, we have clear conditions of succession and obligations. Inheritance may be based on a will or by statute inheritance. Importantly, the will takes precedence over the statutory inheritance rules arising from the Civil Code (so it is “more important”). The will may contain property ordinances of only one person.


Debt inheritance?

Debt inheritance?

When a spouse dies, heirs will be charged with the obligations, debts and property. If the deceased did not leave a will, there will be statutory inheritance, which imposes heirs in a straight line. In the case of husband, we are talking about children and wife. However, it is worth knowing that we do not have to accept the inheritance.

Each heir may:

  • not accept an inheritance without limiting liability for debts
  • not accepting the inheritance with limited liability for debts – that is, for the debts of the deceased we are only responsible up to the amount of property left by him;
  • reject the inheritance – then we do not inherit neither the debt nor its assets


Who then has to pay back the debt?

Who then has to pay back the debt?

Whether the wife must pay the debt depends on the joint property and the nature of the commitment. So if the wife does not accept the inheritance, the crucial question remains: who must pay the deceased’s debt? Depending on the conditions on which the loan agreement was concluded, the further fate of such debt may be different.

If the deceased has not insured the loan, the outstanding amount enters the estate and is inherited. So I say simply: Those who receive the inheritance will pay it back.

If the deceased has insured his cash loan , the loan will not enter the estate. The loan will be repaid by the insurer from the purchased and selected policy. If the policy does not cover the entire obligation, the heirs will have to pay the remaining amount.

What if the loan was secured by a surety? The guarantor declares that he will repay the debt if the borrower cannot repay it. This also applies to death. In this case, the payer takes over the obligation to pay.


Terms of the will

money loan

To assume the inheritance of assets and liabilities, a will must meet several key points. Among them stands out min.

  • content must be written by a person capable of legal transactions
  • the will must be written independently, on behalf of the creator (you cannot create so-called joint wills).
  • the document must have a place, date and signature
  • the will should be drawn up with a notary public

Franchise – how does it work? Can I get a loan? Internship from the Employment Office – how to get? Requirements and internship conditions

Telephone debt collection – what do you need to know about it?

Failure to pay the payday payday has serious consequences. However, before the debt finds its end in court and bailiff, it must undergo a transitional stage. This is managed either by the loan company itself, where the debt arose, or by the professional debt collection company that purchased the debt. The most important element of the so-called amicable debt collection (i.e. aimed at reaching a settlement) is telephone debt collection, which may exert the greatest pressure on the debtor and with the greatest efficiency force him to pay the debt. However, not only debtors should learn about the extent to which telephone debt collection can be conducted, what are the most commonly used techniques and how to effectively repel an attack.


Telephone recovery from two points of view

Telephone loan

For a claiming company, telephone debt collection is the cheapest form of recovering money borrowed, and in addition you can make many phone calls and “remind yourself” to many debtors. In addition, certain debtor anonymity has been eliminated, which he maintains when recovery is carried out only by post. By introducing a personal element, direct contact and shortening the distance between the creditor and the debtor, the latter is under greater psychological pressure. It is easier not to read the next reminder and throw it in the trash, than to admit to a real, physical person that the loans are not paying off and may not pay off. The more stressful is only the personal visit, which, however, is quite expensive, and the ratio of enforced loans to costs incurred is quite low. So it is not used so often.

For the borrower, creditor telephones are a stressful event and, one could say, a breakthrough in debt collection. All the more so if these phones occur quite often and at strange times of the day. Another depressing factor may be that the debt collector often likes to place the debtor against the proverbial wall and require immediate declarations that are difficult to express in a short time and under stress.


How can telephone collection not be carried out?

call center

The debt collector is a private person under the law and even if he calls the debtor in the performance of his work, he does not place him in a higher position in relation to that person. Therefore, he cannot use any means of coercion or even suggest that he has such powers. In addition, the debt collector is also affected by other restrictions and he must behave in accordance with good manners and social relations.

  • The debt collector, of course, has all the necessary details about the debtor (including PESEL, address, ID number), but he cannot demand that the debtor provide him with this information himself.
  • The debt collector cannot make a phone call to an unauthorized or non-judgmental person. Even if he calls a landline number, he cannot talk to the household members and provide them with information about their debt. The same applies to the debtor’s employer – a debt collector has no legal possibility to make a phone call to a person other than the debtor himself.
  • In a telephone conversation, the debt collector must not provide false information or threaten with the fictitious consequences of non-repayment. This behavior can be pulled under threats and extortion.


Receive calls from a debt collection company?

telephone debt

This issue is difficult to explain and depends largely on the psychological and characterological predispositions of the debtor. There is no obligation to pick up the phone from the debt collector and, importantly, you cannot be punished for it. Therefore, do not be afraid that the creditor will charge additional fees for this. It should also be remembered that providing any information to the debt collector is not an obligation. Such a necessity only occurs in the case of communication between the debtor and bailiff.

However, it is not worth completely avoiding contact with the creditor. Escaping liability will increase the amount of debt. For this reason, taking the first step and expressing the will to pay the debt will put the debtor in a positive light and may not result in a mutually beneficial solution. If you do not want to answer the phone from the creditor, it is good to think of your own course of action and develop a repayment plan. If there is any, you can send an official letter to the debt collection company presenting our repayment plan. You can also arrange a meeting with the debt collector and present your proposal to him there.


Telephone debt collection may be appealed

Telephone debt collection may be appealed

As we mentioned, the debt collector must act in accordance with good social practices. However, while telephoning cannot be prohibited, it must be in accordance with generally accepted practice. It is not allowed to make calls at any time of the day or night, but also to bomb the debtor with a dozen or even several dozen telephones a day. Such behavior can be classified as persistent harassment and can be reported to the police or prosecutor’s office – it is even punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years, in accordance with art. Art. 190a § 1 of the Penal Code.

Real Estate Loan: Credit renegotiations rise again

Mortgage rates remain favorable to buyers. This is an opportunity to renegotiate his mortgage , reports Le Figaro . The share of renegotiations in loan files exceeded 20% in February last February, according to figures from the RedRose Bank.


10,000 dollars savings on average

10,000 dollars savings on average

This figure remains well below the 60% renegotiation in force at the beginning of 2017. ” After a period of relative calm, we saw a 36% increase in the number of files filed on our site in March compared to February. Among them, 15% are renegotiations “, explains Ismael Ruth of uGood Financing. Renegotiating your loan can save you a lot of money. In two thirds of cases, the borrower saves 10,000 dollars on average.

The economy will be all the more important if the loan was signed in 2015, in the first quarter of 2016. To renegotiate its credit, the borrower must meet three conditions. First, he must still be in the first half of the repayment of his loan. Then, the capital remaining to be repaid must reach at least 70,000 dollars. Finally, a gap of between 0.7 and 1 point between the current credit rate and the new credit is required.


Renegotiation criteria

Renegotiation criteria

Take the example of a credit of 250,000 dollars signed at 2.65% (excluding insurance) over 25 years in April 2015. The rate can be renegotiated at 1.5% (excluding insurance) over 20 years . The monthly payment will drop by just over 100 dollars (from 1,140 to 1,037 dollars excluding insurance), for a reduced period of two years . The borrower should save more than 28,000 dollars on the total cost of his credit, according to the simulation of uGood Financing.

This system is profitable for the buyer only if he wishes to keep his property for a few more years. The customer must take into account the prepayment charges that his bank will charge him in the transaction. Moreover, nothing obliges a bank to renegotiate a loan . However, in a context of fierce competition between banks, this operation favored by the customer can help to build long-term loyalty.

What bank by account number – bank identification

Not every bank account user knows that his number is not completely random. The bank can be identified by number.

Virtually each of the numbers has the meaning assigned to each other, which allows the bank to be identified without a doubt. Awareness of the type of bank to which we send the transfer is sometimes quite important, because thanks to this we can specify the duration of the transaction until it is credited to the recipient’s account.

The bank account number has 26 numbers, each of which has its own purpose. You can learn more about the characterization of the account number in the article: How many digits does the bank account number have and what do the individual numbers mean?

Bank identification by account number

Bank identification by account number

Numbers in order 3,4,5,6 – inform which bank by the account number is hidden behind them. All banking institutions have their own assigned number, which informs in which branch or branch the given account is located.

Banks have various beginnings in their personal account numbers. They are not repetitive, and each newly created institution gets numbers that are unique. Here are the numerical identifiers of several popular banks:

Usefulness of knowing bank identification numbers


We often go in situations where we have to make a transfer. This happens, for example, when shopping online. Not everyone trusts by the fast transfer offered by Payu or Dotpay. People who are very rarely making any payments via the internet are especially afraid. However, let’s get to the merits of the case. We receive the number of the online store account to which we should send cash for the goods. After completing the transaction, we want to know how long this transfer can go to the recipient.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t know at which bank the account is located to which we made the transfer. And this information is crucial if we want to specify the length of transaction posting. If it turns out that the recipient has a number in the same bank as us, he will probably receive the transfer within 5 minutes of completing the shipment.

This information may be important to us if we want to get the ordered product as soon as possible. If it turns out that the recipient’s account is in a bank other than ours, then such a transfer can go from 24 hours to even three days. We would have to wait more than a week for the goods we were waiting for.

How to check in whose bank and how long the transfer will take to the recipient? Well, first the account must be identified by bank number.

Bank numbers formerly


When we go back to the past, we can remember what numbers were once issued. First of all, they were much shorter than they are now. Secondly, they could differ in length and record. Identification of the bank by account number was really difficult. Only from 2004 it was decided to implement the NRB, i.e. the Unified Bank Account Number.

This change was to improve the performance of settlements. Spaces between numbers were also introduced and divided into groups. “Spaces” were used for better readability and a comfortable option of rewriting the number, eg on a form or form. Today, we can thank its originators for this activity, because we can easily determine which bank has numbers behind the account number.

CSD debt consolidation In Moco

CSD debt consolidation: how it works

Those who want a CSD debt consolidation can resort to CSD In Moco, a fixed rate loan that offers three significant advantages:

– a fixed rate, as you can guess from the name
– a sustainable installment, modified according to the customer’s actual repayment capacity
– a simple investigation

In fact, ease of management is one of the strengths of this reality: the preliminary investigation requires few documents and all procedures are characterized by maximum speed. The concession times are also fast, while the staff of CSD is always available to indicate the most suitable solution for customer needs.

The optional options that can be combined with the consolidation of debts with CSD are also very significant: for example, the Reload Option, which allows you to request further information from the bank on the new credit that you can have, just six months away from the loan disbursement, without specific formalities.

And again: Flexi option, which allows you to request the postponement of the payment of an installment or more than one installment in case of need. In this circumstance, the first request for postponement of an installment can be submitted after the first 12 months (and therefore after having paid the first 12 installments); the request implies the payment of a commission for the suspension period of 30 USD, regardless of the number of installments that are skipped. In any case, the bank can decide whether or not to accept the request.

Loan term

Loan term

The consolidation of CSD debts with CSD In Moco has a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum duration of 60 months (i.e. 5 years) for loans of an amount not exceeding 10 thousand USD, while it has a minimum duration of 6 months at a maximum duration 120 months (i.e. 10 years) for loans between 10 thousand and 100 thousand USD.

Interest rates

Interest rates

As regards rates, the annual nominal interest rate (APR) is equal to 10.49% (without insurance), as well as the pre-amortization interest rate. Interest is not subject to periodic capitalization, while the default rate is equal to the annual nominal rate. For the stipulation of the contract, preliminary investigation commissions are foreseen equal to 0.50% of the sum financed each year.

Who can request it

Who can request it

CSD debt consolidation can be requested by all those who have family or personal needs, unrelated – therefore – to an artisan activity, a commercial activity, an entrepreneurial activity or a professional activity.

The maximum amount that can be granted is 100 thousand USD through the agency channel, but it is 30 thousand USD in the case of online sales; there is also a minimum threshold, which for the agency channel is equal to 5 thousand USD, while for online sales it is 3 thousand USD.


The convenience of CSD debt consolidation with this formula lies in the safety of those who have the possibility of paying the same amount every month to repay one or more debts, which are brought together in a single repayment. Basically, you can plan in advance the amount of the overall economic commitment that will have to be incurred, with constant and unchanging monthly installments. An interesting opportunity, therefore, to simplify the management of the various loans that are being used.

Info and useful links


For more details, see the product sheet dedicated to CSD personal loans

For info products and services (including the CSD debt consolidation loan ), you can ask to be contacted by phone, send an email. Follow the link and choose the option with which to be contacted (on the right of the screen under the item “get in touch” choose one of the available options), or call the CSD customer relations service at the toll-free number 800.900.900 (for families), 800.902.901 (service dedicated to businesses), this info. you can also find them here.


In summary, CSD In Moco is the fixed rate loan that allows you to take advantage of the consolidation of debts with CSD : with a maximum amount of 100 thousand USD and with a maximum duration of 120 months it allows you to meet the most diverse needs by meeting requests for various kinds. The fixed rate is a guarantee of stability and security and allows you to plan your expenses with complete peace of mind. The rate is decided when the contract is entered into and cannot be changed for the entire duration of the loan.