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CSD debt consolidation In Moco

CSD debt consolidation: how it works

Those who want a CSD debt consolidation can resort to CSD In Moco, a fixed rate loan that offers three significant advantages:

– a fixed rate, as you can guess from the name
– a sustainable installment, modified according to the customer’s actual repayment capacity
– a simple investigation

In fact, ease of management is one of the strengths of this reality: the preliminary investigation requires few documents and all procedures are characterized by maximum speed. The concession times are also fast, while the staff of CSD is always available to indicate the most suitable solution for customer needs.

The optional options that can be combined with the consolidation of debts with CSD are also very significant: for example, the Reload Option, which allows you to request further information from the bank on the new credit that you can have, just six months away from the loan disbursement, without specific formalities.

And again: Flexi option, which allows you to request the postponement of the payment of an installment or more than one installment in case of need. In this circumstance, the first request for postponement of an installment can be submitted after the first 12 months (and therefore after having paid the first 12 installments); the request implies the payment of a commission for the suspension period of 30 USD, regardless of the number of installments that are skipped. In any case, the bank can decide whether or not to accept the request.

Loan term

Loan term

The consolidation of CSD debts with CSD In Moco has a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum duration of 60 months (i.e. 5 years) for loans of an amount not exceeding 10 thousand USD, while it has a minimum duration of 6 months at a maximum duration 120 months (i.e. 10 years) for loans between 10 thousand and 100 thousand USD.

Interest rates

Interest rates

As regards rates, the annual nominal interest rate (APR) is equal to 10.49% (without insurance), as well as the pre-amortization interest rate. Interest is not subject to periodic capitalization, while the default rate is equal to the annual nominal rate. For the stipulation of the contract, preliminary investigation commissions are foreseen equal to 0.50% of the sum financed each year.

Who can request it

Who can request it

CSD debt consolidation can be requested by all those who have family or personal needs, unrelated – therefore – to an artisan activity, a commercial activity, an entrepreneurial activity or a professional activity.

The maximum amount that can be granted is 100 thousand USD through the agency channel, but it is 30 thousand USD in the case of online sales; there is also a minimum threshold, which for the agency channel is equal to 5 thousand USD, while for online sales it is 3 thousand USD.


The convenience of CSD debt consolidation with this formula lies in the safety of those who have the possibility of paying the same amount every month to repay one or more debts, which are brought together in a single repayment. Basically, you can plan in advance the amount of the overall economic commitment that will have to be incurred, with constant and unchanging monthly installments. An interesting opportunity, therefore, to simplify the management of the various loans that are being used.

Info and useful links


For more details, see the product sheet dedicated to CSD personal loans

For info products and services (including the CSD debt consolidation loan ), you can ask to be contacted by phone, send an email. Follow the link and choose the option with which to be contacted (on the right of the screen under the item “get in touch” choose one of the available options), or call the CSD customer relations service at the toll-free number 800.900.900 (for families), 800.902.901 (service dedicated to businesses), this info. you can also find them here.


In summary, CSD In Moco is the fixed rate loan that allows you to take advantage of the consolidation of debts with CSD : with a maximum amount of 100 thousand USD and with a maximum duration of 120 months it allows you to meet the most diverse needs by meeting requests for various kinds. The fixed rate is a guarantee of stability and security and allows you to plan your expenses with complete peace of mind. The rate is decided when the contract is entered into and cannot be changed for the entire duration of the loan.

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