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Kik Bots

According to Wikipedia, Kik Messenger, commonly called Kik, is an exclusive instant messenger software application for mobile devices from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available free of charge on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems.

As we all know, Kik is an excellent platform to have interaction with the community as well as being probably the most famous messaging apps these days but, Kik is a way more than just a messaging app. Kik messaging app is providing people with extra chatting choices with the help of bots. Teaming up together with brands like Sephora, Funny or Die, Vine, Arterra and H&M Kik Bots which pleasures to find humorous videos, check the weather, as well as assist you make-up tips. For making it easy to find bots, Kik has built the Bot Shop.

Kik features a number of bots which you can quickly download out of Kik Bot shop.The new Bot Shop enables individuals to search for existing bots to help fit their demands direct within the Kik app. The chatbots are categorised right into three categories which include Entertainment, Lifestyle and Games.

Few of the Kik Bots are:

  • Funny Or Die
  • The Weather Channel
  • Arterra
  • H&M
  • Sephora
  • GalatronVS
  • Sequel Stories
  • Vine


Sephora had become the very first beauty brand to come up with its launch of the messaging app, aiming to generate sales by providing a solitary conversation experience on mobile. Users will now be capable of not only obtain beauty product reviews, recommendations and tips promptly but also go shopping right on the app.This is a fascinating bot for females who wish to find out about makeup. The bot provides video clips, tutorials and recommendations on makeup. The bot may also be helpful users to discover a product found in a precise tutorial. Want a brand new lipsticks? Forget about the shop and download Kik.

Stop, Breathe & Think

This bot lives up to its title. You should check together with how you’re feeling physically and emotionally, as well as use emojis to describe what’s taking place. According to your current mindset, Stop, Breathe & Think will be sending you with a useful meditation to obtain your brain away from any complications so that you can exceed them.


Sensay connects you with a valuable human being so you can in full confidence talk about any difficulties you’re experiencing. After you’ve spoken with somebody, rate the quality of your chat, consequently, the person you talked to might help other individuals.


Arterra is a Kik-distinctive chat based adventure game. You can talk to figures, play embedded mini-games to advance the story plot, join a different team, and communicate with and modify your very own robot buddy! Arterra is an electronic digital kind of the Choose Your Personal adventure novels with the 1980s. Carried out the right way, this style of a story comes in original book form. An individual must to talk to characters, play mini-games, join a faction, and help save – then identifya personal robot helper. Following the primary trope of each major journey tale, the end goal is to save in apprehension.

There are many helpful Kik Bots available in the Kik Bot shop which could genuinely add value to your Kik experience and help you in all possible ways.
So, keep Kiking!

Image Source: https://medium.com/thoughts-on-journalism/here-s-a-look-at-the-16-new-bots-on-kik-e39ea65a5277#.6cu767oom

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