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What bank by account number – bank identification

Not every bank account user knows that his number is not completely random. The bank can be identified by number.

Virtually each of the numbers has the meaning assigned to each other, which allows the bank to be identified without a doubt. Awareness of the type of bank to which we send the transfer is sometimes quite important, because thanks to this we can specify the duration of the transaction until it is credited to the recipient’s account.

The bank account number has 26 numbers, each of which has its own purpose. You can learn more about the characterization of the account number in the article: How many digits does the bank account number have and what do the individual numbers mean?

Bank identification by account number

Bank identification by account number

Numbers in order 3,4,5,6 – inform which bank by the account number is hidden behind them. All banking institutions have their own assigned number, which informs in which branch or branch the given account is located.

Banks have various beginnings in their personal account numbers. They are not repetitive, and each newly created institution gets numbers that are unique. Here are the numerical identifiers of several popular banks:

Usefulness of knowing bank identification numbers


We often go in situations where we have to make a transfer. This happens, for example, when shopping online. Not everyone trusts by the fast transfer offered by Payu or Dotpay. People who are very rarely making any payments via the internet are especially afraid. However, let’s get to the merits of the case. We receive the number of the online store account to which we should send cash for the goods. After completing the transaction, we want to know how long this transfer can go to the recipient.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t know at which bank the account is located to which we made the transfer. And this information is crucial if we want to specify the length of transaction posting. If it turns out that the recipient has a number in the same bank as us, he will probably receive the transfer within 5 minutes of completing the shipment.

This information may be important to us if we want to get the ordered product as soon as possible. If it turns out that the recipient’s account is in a bank other than ours, then such a transfer can go from 24 hours to even three days. We would have to wait more than a week for the goods we were waiting for.

How to check in whose bank and how long the transfer will take to the recipient? Well, first the account must be identified by bank number.

Bank numbers formerly


When we go back to the past, we can remember what numbers were once issued. First of all, they were much shorter than they are now. Secondly, they could differ in length and record. Identification of the bank by account number was really difficult. Only from 2004 it was decided to implement the NRB, i.e. the Unified Bank Account Number.

This change was to improve the performance of settlements. Spaces between numbers were also introduced and divided into groups. “Spaces” were used for better readability and a comfortable option of rewriting the number, eg on a form or form. Today, we can thank its originators for this activity, because we can easily determine which bank has numbers behind the account number.

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